Civilian injured in Turkish shelling on Syria’s Ain Issa

AIN ISSA, Syria (North Press) – On Monday, a civilian was wounded in a shelling by the Turkish forces and the affiliated opposition factions on the village of al-Khalidiya, 5 km west of the town of Ain Issa, northern Syria.

A medical source in the hospital of the town of Ain Issa said that they provided first aid to the 28-year-old, Yasser Youssef Hajo, who was injured by a shrapnel and was taken to the hospital, given to his serious injury.

“He might need a surgery,” the source added.

On August 4, four people from one family lost their lives, and two others were injured, as a result of the bombing of the Turkish forces and the opposition factions on their house in the countryside of Ain Issa.

The Turkish armed forces and their affiliated armed opposition factions have regularly bombed and attempted to infiltrate Ain Issa and its surroundings since last year. Ain Issa sits along the M4 Highway, on the front lines between the SDF and Turkish-backed armed factions.

Dozens of civilians have been killed and injured by Turkish and opposition attacks, including children, despite the presence of Russian soldiers which are supposed to enforce the ceasefire agreement signed between Russia and Turkey in October 2019.

Reporting by Fattah Issa