ISIS attacks government forces in Syria’s Desert, casualties, detainees reported

Al-SUKHNAH, Syria (North Press) – On Monday, thirteen members of the Syrian government forces were killed in an attack by militants of the Islamic State “ISIS” in al-Sukhnah town, west of Deir ez-Zor, eastern Syria.

“Thirteen members were killed and five others were arrested in an attack by ISIS militants that targeted a government forces’ night bus on the main road in al-Sukhnah desert, which was heading to Deir ez-Zor,” a military source of the Fourth Division of the government forces said.

“The bus was transporting members of the government forces from their place of service in Homs to a another headquarters in Deir ez-Zor,” the source added.

After the attack, the government forces brought in reinforcements to the scene of the incident to comb the desert and search for detainees.

Also, on Monday dawn, ISIS militants attacked government forces points in the town of Kobajjep, south of Deir ez-Zor.

ISIS militants targeted the government forces’ points near the town of Kobajjep, with RPG launchers, which led to the injury of several members and the damage of two vehicles, and then ISIS withdrew towards the depth of the desert, according to a source.

Reporting by Muhammad Ali