Turkish shelling kills civilians near Syria’s Tel Tamr

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – On Tuesday, a woman and a child were killed and others were wounded as a result of the Turkish shelling of the town of Zargan (Abu Rasin) and other several surrounding villages, north of Tel Tamr, northeast Syria.

Meanwhile, 15 people including children were wounded six of them were transferred to the People’s Hospital in Hasakah while others were transferred to hospitals in the cities of Derbasiya and Amuda.

For ten days, Turkish forces and Turkish-backed armed factions has been targeting both towns of Tel Tamr and Zargan, north of Hasakah targeting populated villages and public facilities in the area.

On Tuesda,  23 villages suffered from power outage as a result of the intensive Turkish shelling of the villages of al-Dardarah and Tel Shnan in addition to targeting the outskirts of the power transfer station near the Russian base, north of Tel Tamr.

A medical source in Martyr Khabat Hospital in Derbasiya told North Press that two individuals, a woman and a child, were killed.

Meanwhile, two children with shrapnel wounds in different parts of their bodies, two men, and two women, one of which was immediately transferred to operations’ room, were transferred to hospitals in the city of Hasakah.  

Barazan Sheikhmos Faraj, husband of the woman that was transferred to the operations’ room, said that the Turkish shelling started at 9:00 pm and lasted for long uninterruptedly.

“I was at my neighbor’s house when the shelling started and they targeted  Abu Rasin with about 100 shells  so that I was not able to reach my wife. After the shelling, I transferred my wife to the hospital,” he added.

“Condition there is really bad, people fled the town and got displaced in different ways via either motorbikes or on foot,” Faraj said.

Reporting by Jindar Abdulqader