Extremists’ morale high after Taliban advance: American analyst

WASHINGTON, USA (North Press) – Morale of extremist jihadist groups around the world have been boosted following the Taliban advance after reaching the presidential palace in Afghanistan which will make the US in confrontation with unexpected challenges, a US analyst said on Sunday.

US strategic affairs analyst Paul Ryan said that it is over in Afghanistan after the flight of President Ashraf Ghani, and the renewal of the upcoming Doha talks will bring nothing new after the Afghan government fled, which will not change the situation on the ground.

“The Taliban chose a suitable time to move and prepare themselves in conjunction with the US withdrawal, as they were highly prepared for the moment of the withdrawal,” he told North Press.

The US announced that US Ambassador Ross Wilson had been transferred to Kabul airport for evacuation after the Taliban officially entered the capital Kabul, reached the presidential palace, and raised the Afghan flag over it.

The evacuation of US citizens is ongoing, in addition to helping Afghan people who cooperated with the US.

The Taliban managed to play the political and military cards properly, which tells us that they are preparing to formulate the situation in the country as they want without much response to external dictates, Ryan believes.

The analyst expects that there will be waves of extremism and persecution against Afghan people, especially women and children, similar to what happened in the mid-1990s.

However, he believes that it is possible for the Taliban to maintain a minimum balance to achieve some international gains.

The peaceful transition of power, according to Taliban, is occurring as a result of the flight of the Afghan government, security forces, and police. “If the government was ready to fight, the Taliban would have advanced via military power,” Paul pointed out.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken informed members of Congress of the US’ commitment to continue protecting and securing Kabul Airport.

However, Paul Ryan sees that the US is prioritizing its national security against the impacts of the security collapse in Afghanistan in addition to keeping its pledges to the Afghan citizens who worked with it.

Washington’s long-term plans are absent from the Afghan issue, especially that the Taliban intends to declare the Islamic Emirate again in the country, he added.

Nevertheless, the American analyst believes that the what is promoted as Taliban victory over the US will make Washington in confrontation with unexpected challenges and may go beyond the Afghanistan borders.

Reporting by Hadeel Oueiss