We strongly refuse to not punish Afrin crime’s perpetrators: SDC

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – On Friday, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) called on the UN and the UN Security Council not to close the “Afrin Hospital crime” file and to form a special and impartial international committee to investigate, reveal the responsible parties and bring the perpetrators to justice. 

“We strongly rejects that the crime should go unpunished,” the SDC said in statement, calling for this file to be separated from the political discussions taking place between the parties, because it was an attempt to accuse the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).     

The SDC accused parties related to the Syrian National Coalition of committing a massacre against innocent civilians in Afrin, with the aim of accusing the SDF ahead of meetings between the presidents of the United States and Russia on the one hand, and the United States and Turkey on the other. 

The statement described this as a “ridiculous performance” of the opposition coalition, considering the coalition’s representatives’ demand for Turkey to occupy more Syrian lands and displace more Syrians as “impudence.”  

The SDC statement pointed out that the Syrian Coalition should have anticipated international meetings “by any action that contributes to realizing the hopes and aspirations of the Syrian people for peace, freedom and stability.”  

It considered that the coalition’s attempts to distort the image of the SDF will not reach their goal, “because the whole world knows who are the killers of innocent civilians, who are the olive thieves and thieves of the people’s property, and who settled the settlers in the homes of the displaced.”  

The SDC added that it refuses to turn the blood of innocent Syrian people into “mere pressure cards used to strengthen the positions of the occupiers in their negotiations with the major countries.”  

On June 12, media reported the killing of more than ten people and the injury of several others in two separate artillery attacks on the city of Afrin.

The first attack targeted a residential area, while the second targeted a hospital in the city.  

However, no party claimed the attack on Afrin Hospital, while Turkey and the Syrian opposition were quick to accuse the SDF.  

Following the attack, the SDF Commander-in-Chief, Mazloum Abdi, tweeted, “We condemn the attack without reservation. Targeting hospitals is a violation of international law.” 

The SDF denied reports that the SDF targeted the city of Afrin, north Syria.  

For its part, the US Department of State condemned the attacks on Afrin region, northwest Syria, and called for a ceasefire.  

The city of Afrin and its environs northwest Syria, have been occupied by Turkey and its affiliated armed opposition groups since March 2018.

Reporting by Hakim Ahmed

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