Iran increases penetration in Syria through economic projects: economic expert

DAMASCUS, Syria (North Press) – Iran expands and increases its power in Syria through several projects to secure the export of Iranian goods for fear of an embargo by the Gulf states, said an economic expert on Thursday.

Searching for activating the agreements comes as an attempt to support the Iranian economy that has been witnessing a significant decline for more than a year, George Tabra, a pseudonym for a professor at the Faculty of Economy at the University of Damascus, told North Press.

“Iran is a country close to self-sufficiency, meaning that Syria is unable to meet any of Iran’s needs, but the agreements are in favor of passing Iranian goods to Syria,” he added.

Tabra pointed out that the rail link project between Syria and Iran passing through Iraq is for securing the export of Iranian goods in the first class, for fear of an embargo by the Gulf states.

These agreements will enhance the Iranian control and presence in Syria with no good for Syria, according to the expert. 

Yesterday, talks between ministers of the Syrian government and president of the Joint Syrian Iranian Economic Committee, Muhammad Islami were held.

The talks focused on the implementation of the rail link project, activation of free trade, exchange of goods, barter system and money transfer, according to official media outlets of the Syrian and Iranian governments.

Reporting by Raghad al-Issa