Turkish air strike kills civilians in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq (North Press) – On Sunday, four civilians, at least, lost their lives due to Turkish air strike of a civilian vehicle, northwest Sulaymaniyah Governorate in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Turkey has recently intensified its air raids on the civilian populated areas in Kurdistan Region and established military bases in addition to deploying armed drones.

“Turkish warplanes targeted a civilian vehicle between the village of Deka and Kani Lan,” Bakr Weisi, director of  Helsho district of Qaladze region in the northern sector of Sulaymaniyah Governorate, said during a press conference.

“The civilian vehicle that the Turkish warplanes targeted was a Toyota carrying four people, whose identities are unknown yet,” Weisi added.

He pointed out that the area that was targeted, at exactly 13:30 on Sunday afternoon, is a civilian-populated area. It is near Helsho District, and it is not a military area. 

The administration of Helsho district has formed a special committee to send a team to the scene of the incident to investigate the attack, according to Bakr Weisi. 

Reporting by Hassan Haji