Civilian tortured to death in armed groups’ prison in Syria’s al-Bab

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – A civilian from Afrin, northwest Syria, died due to “severe torture” in the prisons of the pro-Turkish armed groups in al-Bab region, north Syria, the Human Rights Organization – Afrin, said on Sunday.

The organization published on its official Facebook account that Kawa Omar, 32, a resident of the village of Dargir, in Maabatli District, in the countryside of Afrin, died inside  Zira’a prison in the city of al-Bab.

Omar, along with his wife, was kidnapped by the Turkish-backed Hamzat Division on September 17, 2019, on charges of “dealing with the Autonomous Administration,”  according to the organization.

According to the human rights organization, the wife escaped from detention about a year ago, after settler families stormed one of the prisons of Hamzat Division, in Afrin.

On the May 28, 2020, the city of Afrin witnessed fighting between the Hamzat Division and Ahrar al-Sham group, which claimed the lives of a number of civilians, prompting settler families to attack the headquarters of the Hamzat Division where eight detained women were found, and Rokan Manla, Omar’s wife, was among them.

Sources from Omar’s family told the organization that Omar “lost his mental abilities as a result of severe torture throughout his detention.”

Omar died about a year ago, inside Zira’a prison in the city of al-Bab under severe torture by the members of the pro-Turkish Hamzat Division, according to the organization.

Reporting by Hoshang Hassan