Truck drivers stuck in Syria’s Manbij demand government to open crossings

MANBAJ, Syria (North press) – Truck drivers who have been stuck in a crossing in Manbij, north Syria, between the areas of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the Syrian government-held areas, demanded the latter to open the crossing and allow them to cross.    

The Syrian government forces, positioning in the other side of al-Tayha crossing, 30 km, southwest of Manbij, have not allowed civilians and goods’ trucks to enter or leave.

“As truck drivers, we have not eaten or drunk for the last three days,” Muhammad al-Hussein, 38, a truck driver, said. 

He demanded the reopening of al-Tayha crossing as soon as possible and the return of commercial traffic as most of the goods began to spoil, especially the vegetables.

Al-Tayha crossing is the only crossing southwest of Manbij, which connects the AANES areas with the Syrian government.

While Sharif Salman, a truck driver, said that parking here negatively affects their work, as these trucks are a source of livelihood for them and their families.

“If we work we can make a living, but if we do not, we will starve,” he pointed out.

“We are just civilians, we do not belong to any parties,” he noted. 

“The decision to close the crossings often made by the central government in Damascus, as the government members on the crossings do not know the reason,” a source of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) in Raqqa, who preferred not to be named, had earlier said.

Since March 21, the government forces imposed restrictions on the trade and civilians’ move in the crossings with the AANES regions. 

There are three main crossings that links between the Syrian government and the AANES-held areas, which are al-Tayha in Manbij, Tabqa and al-Ekeirshi in Raqqa.

Reporting by Saddam al-Hassan