Child protection Office hands over girl to her family in Syria’s Manbij

MANBIJ, Syria (North Press) – Omar Sa’id, co-chair of the Child Protection Office of the Autonomous Administration in Manbij, said on Tuesday, that they returned a girl, who had previously joined military forces, to her family.

Sa’id added that they handed over the a 15-year-old to her family after submitting a complaint that their daughter joined the military forces without their knowledge.  

The Office has received seven complaints since it came into effect on October 7, according to Sa’id.  

He said that after they received a written complaints by the parents of the child who is under eighteen and joined the military forces, they sent it to the General Office of the Autonomous Administration, and after they coordinated with the military forces, they sent the girl back after demobilizing her.

On November 23, the office handed over another minor to her parents in the city Qamishli.

The AANES Executive Council established the Child Protection Office late in August. This step came after an agreement signed by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Commander-in-Chief, Mazloum Abdi with the United Nations to prevent the recruitment of children and their use as combatants in armed conflict.

The Child Protection Office has nine branch offices located in city centers in northeast Syria, and began their work on October 20.

Reporting by Saddam Hassan

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