Pro-government forces storm town in Daraa, southern Syria

DARAA, Syria (North Press) – Syrian government forces stormed Karak town, north of southern Syria’s Daraa on Wednesday after besieging it.

A local source told North Press that the town witnessed clashes between local groups and government forces after the government searched many homes looking for individuals wanted by the state.

She added that the pro-government Fourth Division received an order to bomb the area, in preparation for entering the eastern town of Karak, in order to disarm the local groups inside the town.

Sources told North Press that forces affiliated with the Russian-backed Fifth Division broke into the town amid great tension, causing panic among civilians.

The negotiations that took place on Tuesday between officers of the Fourth Division and leaders of local groups over the handover of government forces personnel who were arrested on Monday failed.

On Wednesday, dozens of people protested in the towns of Daraa al-Balad, Nahata and Mutaiya in Daraa Governorate, in solidarity with what the eastern town of Karak is witnessing.

Young men in the town of Ghariya in the eastern countryside of Daraa blocked roads on Tuesday night, setting tires alight in the streets.

A few days ago, Daraa Governorate witnessed confrontations between the local groups and government forces, which ended with the government forces’ withdrawal after the intervention of Russian forces.

Reporting by Sami al-Ali