Turkey begins pumping weak flow after two weeks without water for Syria’s Hasakah

HASAKAH, Syria (North Press) – The administrator of the Water Directorate in Syria’s Tel Tamr, Khaled Hami, said on Sunday that Turkey resumed pumping water from Alouk station to Hasakah city after more than two weeks without water.

In a special statement to North Press, Hami confirmed that three out of eight pumps operated in the station, which resulted in a weak and insufficient flow of water. He added that water flow takes a long time to be pumped into the main pipelines to reach Hasakah city.

He expressed his fears of another water cutoff ”due to Turkish officials’ control over the station.”

Turkey cut off water flow to th

e Alouk station in the countryside of Sere Kaniye near the Syrian-Turkish border in August, which worsened the humanitarian crisis in Hasakah city and countryside due to water scarcity alongside the coronavirus outbreak.

On Saturday, a delegation from the US State Department met with a delegation of representatives from the Autonomous Administration in Hasakah to discuss the water crisis, during which the latter expressed their rejection of Turkish violations and water cutoff, while the Americans promised to pressure Turkey to solve the crisis, according to a special source who attended the meeting. 

(Reporting by Delsoz Youssef)