Iraq to repatriate 150 ISIS-related families from Syria’s Hawl Camp

QAMISHLI, Syria (North Press) – Iraq is planning to repatriate approximately 600 individuals from the Hawl camp in Hasakah Governorate, northeastern Syria, an official from Iraq’s Ministry of Migration and Displaced stated on Sunday.

The spokesperson for Iraq’s ministry of migration and displaced, Ali Abas, stated to Rudaw, a Kurdiah website based in Erbil, that his country sets to repatriate a number of Iraqis in Hawl camp next week, “the returnees will be about 150 families and about 600 people.” 

Hawl Camp is home to approximately 55,000 individuals, comprising 2,423 families with connections to Islamic State (ISIS) militants originating from around 60 countries.

Iraq has repatriated 1,924 Iraqi families linked to ISIS from Hawl Camp.

In December 2023, 150 Iraqi families were repatriated from Hawl Camp, marking the 13th group to depart to the al-Jada’a Camp in Iraq’s Mosul before being sent into their hometowns.

By Shella Abdulhalim