Protests in Syria’s Suwayda to continue until overthrowing “regime”

By Murhaf al-Sha’er

SUWAYDA, Syria (North Press) – The protests in Suwayda Governorate, southern Syria, continue on a daily basis, surpassing six months and demanding political change, “overthrowing the tyrannical ruling regime”, and the implementation of the UN Resolution 2254.

The demonstrations began in mid-September 2023, fueled by the deteriorating political, economic, and security conditions in Suwayda. The government’s policies have led to systematic economic restrictions, displacement, frequent price hikes, support for criminal gangs, and the proliferation of drug trafficking.

At al-Karama Square in the city of Suwayda, the protesters expressed their aspirations for freedom, social justice, and constructing a free and democratic state.

Maha al-Hadawi, a protester, told North Press that since the start of the demonstrations, she has been present at al-Karama Square, participating in the demonstrations and emphasizing that the protesters will not back down until their demands are met.

Suleiman al-Kufeiri, another protester, stressed the necessity of overthrowing the “oppressive regime”. The protesters express their demands peacefully, insisting on the implementation of the UN Resolution. This uprising is a continuation of the Syrian revolution, according to al-Kufeiri.

Shortly after the protests began, the government forces attempted to sow chaos, relying on certain groups affiliated with them. However, they failed to achieve their desired outcomes.

Bahaa al-Hannawi, another protester at al-Karama Square, underscored the peaceful movement, especially in response to the regime’s attempts to militarize the uprising. “We reject the militarization of the protests and advocate peaceful demonstrations. Our demonstrations will continue at the square until finding a solution and upholding the law in a free and democratic state,” al-Hannawi told North Press.

Sheikh Hikmat al-Hajri, the religious leader of the Druze ethnicity in Suwayda, rejected the practices of the government’s security apparatuses, accusing them of attempting to sow discord.

A few days ago, he called for the continuation of peaceful protests. ”The protesters in Suwayda have the right to demonstrate peacefully without fear or hesitation,” al-Hajri told North Press.

Over the past six months, the uprising has achieved significant milestones, including the closure of Baath Party offices, the formation of independent civil unions, and the emergence of political movements and boards that have expressed demands against the Syrian authority characterized with the “tyrannical rule”.