UK fighter jets hover over Syria as part of Coalition’s mission

DAMASCUS, Syria (North Press) – British Typhoon fighter jets continue to carry out patrols over Syria as part of the ongoing endeavors by the U.S.-led Global Coalition to secure the lasting defeat of the Islamic State (ISIS).

During their flights, the Typhoons provide “intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data, as well as engage hostile targets when necessary,” said the UK Defense Journal, an online publication specializing in defense industry news in Britain.

The UK, as a key member of the 83-state Coalition, initiated Operation Shader in 2014 to provide support in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Britain currently maintains a presence of 1,000 troops in the region.

Typhoon fighter jets, advanced multi-role combat aircraft capable of engaging in a wide range of air operations, were initially deployed by the Royal Air Force of Britain as part of Operation Shader in December 2015.

By Farzand Hussein