Turkish attacks cause massive losses to poultry farm in Syria’s Kobani

By Fattah Issa

KOBANI, Syria (North Press) Turkish airstrikes in the city of Kobani in northern Syria on Jan. 14, led to the complete destruction of a poultry farm and resulted in losses totaling tens of thousands of dollars. 

Masoud Muhammad, who supervises the work of the poultry farm and cattle ranch under the Office of Social Projects and Cooperatives in Kobani, a foundation affiliated with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), told North Press that the office has a project in the village of Sheikh Joban, 20 kilometers south of Kobani, includes a section for poultry and another for cattle breeding. 

The section that was targeted by the shelling is the poultry farm, which specializes in breeding broilers that produce eggs specifically for incubators. The chicks are then produced and distributed to 109 poultry farms in the Kobani countryside. 

During the first half of January, Turkey targeted 89 locations with a total of 122 strikes, including 62 drone strikes and 22 airstrikes. 

The Turkish bombardment concentrated on electricity and fuel production and distribution facilities. It also rocked centers and checkpoints of the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria (Asayish). It has also targeted four security and military locations belonging to the Syrian government forces.   

However, the airstrikes have also affected civilian houses and private production facilities, including the poultry farm in Kobani and al-Khayrat Mill near the village of Sanjak Sadoun in the countryside of the town of Amuda in northeastern Syria. 

Muhammad added that the shelling caused significant damage to the poultry farm, including the destruction of the hatchery section. The incubators were destroyed and put out of service, and both automated cooling and feeding sections which automatically provided fodder for chicken were completely destroyed, according to Muhammad.  

Muhammad further explained that the total losses amounted to about $60,000, and that “the poultry farm is now out of service.” 

The Turkish drones targeted with seven strikes the power plants in Kobani, Ain Issa, Amuda, Tirbe Spiyeh (al-Qahtaniya), Qamishli, and Derbasiyah . As a result, these stations went out of service, according to statistics released by the AANES on Jan.15.

Turkey also carried out seven airstrikes on oil facilities. The targeted locations included the Sweidiya gas plant, the Awda oil field, Taflah Refinery station, and another oil facility in the village of Gire Pire near the town of Tirbe Spiyeh. Furthermore, warehouses used for oil field maintenance in northeastern Syria were also hit.