A quick joint Russian-Turkish patrol in the in Derbasiya

U.S. forces evacuating “Serrin” military base, south of Kobani

Attempted advance by Turkish-backed armed groups, accompanied by air and ground bombardment

Casualties among the Syriac Council Forces in an attack by Turkey’s armed groups

Turkish military patrol opens fire at Kobani civilian protesters

Turkish-backed armed groups attempt to advance into Tal Tamer

Our primary mission is to eliminate ISIS - CJTF-OIR spokesperson

The fourth joint Russian-Turkish patrol on the Syrian-Turkish borders

Bombings in Aleppo and Damascus while warplanes continue their raids on Idlib

ISIS militants fighting alongside TFSA in Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad – Documentation report by VDC-NSY

Disagreements between National Army and HTS with continued Russian and Syrian raids on Idlib

Civilian casualties in Turkish military patrol in northeastern Syria

Car explosion, security chaos spread in Euphrates Shield areas, al-Raei and al-Bab

After violent clashes with SDF, Turkish-backed armed groups withdraw from western Ein Issa

Intensive Russian airstrikes, clashes in the de-escalation zones

HTS breaks into Kafr-Takharim in response to protests

Turkish-backed armed groups arrest another SNC supporter in Sere-Kaniye (Ras al-Ain)

Russian forces begin activating coordination military operation center with SDF in Ain Issa

Turkish attacks target our people to change region’s demography - Syriac Military Council

Renewed clashes between Russian forces and armed opposition east of Idlib